New Blog/New Websites/New Projects


It’s officially Spring in the Pacific Northwest. Lots of changes in the early months of 2013. For those of you who followed the blog I’ve kept for the past 4+ years plainMADE Studio, thanks for all the support and encouragement. Over the past 6 months, I’ve been slowing-down with plainMADE, keeping my collections small, and production light. After some long and hard thinking, I decided that my Fall 2012 collection would be my last. The business was such an incredible learning experience: a true crash course in everything from design and production to marketing and branding. Unexpectedly, one of my favorite aspects of the business was the photographing the collections each season, and finding creative ways to get those images out into the world. I loved seeing plainMADE up on other blogs…pictures of my beautiful friends modeling scarves and knits scattered around the internet. exhilarating and exhausting: two words to describe the past 4 years.
I’m thrilled to have more time for new projects, a greater focus on teaching and mental space for my own creative practices. I’ll be posting at about new projects, art pieces and inspiration on a weekly basis. 

I have a new website, designed by Chen Pollina, check it out here:

AND and huge new project that you can read more about here

Thank you again for all the support: join me in new project and new ideas at 

Presents, cont.


Made this blanket over the weekend! Some special person has a bundle of wool coming her way....

Christmas Crafts!

 (A certain someone who knows how to use wood tools) cut out these shapes, and then I painted them over the weekend. A few special Mothers are getting some amazing wooden ornaments this year!

First Snow in White Salmon


40% off Knits SALE!


We are having a one-week sale over here! 40% off knits, and there are alot of colors to choose from in both the 10,400 Stitches Wrap style, and the Simple Stripes style.
Ends 12/16! Limited Quantity!
Every order placed by then will ship in time for the holidays!

TAKARA on Frolic!


TAKARA got some blog-love on Frolic! today. So great to see these beautiful pieces get out in the world!

plainMADE for FAB!

Our FAB sale just launched! We made a custom collection of knitwear and handpainted pieces, available only on FAB for the next 3 days.
The prices are pretty amazing, and guaranteed to ship for the holidays! Check it out!