We at plainMade are pleased to have Pig Iron Van Dyke as our current Poet In Residence.
    The reclusive Mr. Van Dyke has been described as "the invisible man of American letters," a writer whose penchant for privacy over publicity has left his personal story mostly a mystery. It is no different here at plainMade, where we receive his "pomes" (as he likes to call them) via the Postal Service in stamped envelopes bearing a return address that reads only, "P.I.V.D., Rough Country, USA." He contacts us by phone only to be sure the mail has come through. And the lone published image of him is the photograph included here. (coming soon)
    Critics often describe Mr. Van Dyke’s work as "primitive" and "folk writing," and he has been called "the Grandma Moses of American poetry." But the late writer and critic John Updike thought differently.
    "Van Dyke is primitive like a fox," said Updike. "Examine closely and you’ll see that, beneath the ‘rough country’ surface, lies a carefully calibrated design to grab his readers’ full attention and then smack them flush on the nose with his ideas. Nothing primitive about it."
    When we asked Mr. Van Dyke to tell us something about himself, he responded,
    "I live where I was born. It’s a place where people eat what they farm, raise, catch, or shoot. It’s hot in summer, cold in winter, quiet most of the day, and on clear nights starry enough to make you believe there really are gods hanging overhead."
    "It’s a place where most people mean well and are happy to lend a hand when you need it. There’s a only few who don’t, and won’t. Some not even willing to help themselves. Things usually end bad around here for that kind."
    "It’s a place where, depending on the issue, there’s sometimes not a lot of pause between action and reaction – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t regret. There’s plenty of that."
    "To a lot of people, it’s not much of a place to live. But to most of us here, it’s the only place to live. A decent place to die, too. I’m a lot closer to that than I used to be, but I’m not rushing into it."

Please contact us, (plainmade@gmail.com) if you are interested in re-publishing, re-blogging or in any way featuring the work of Pig Iron Van Dyke. All content is original, creative property of Mr. Van Dyke and may not be used without his permission.